Host-microbe(pathogen) or microbe-microbe Interaction

We are developing in vitro host-microbe(pathogen) interaction model leveraged with mass spectrometric technologies to understand how microbes interact with their hosts to advance health and disease states. We are interested in host-microbe (e.g., skin, gut, oral, etc.) interactions, microbe-microbe interactions, antimicrobial resistance and infectious disease dynamics.

Cellular Metabolism and Disease

We are interested in host cellular metabolism to understand abnormal cellular metabolic states for disease diagnosis and treatment. In particular, various proteomics and metabolomics tools are applied to quantitative cellular proteins and metabolites which have vital roles in human physiology and disease.

Biomolecular Engineering

We are interested in small molecule probes and therapeutic candidates to regulate dynamic interplay between host and microbe. We are developing scalable biochemical technologies for single species and community engineering to promote human health and disease.